Hi my name is Christian Urcuqui.

I am System Engineer and Magister in Computer Science, Development and Research Leader passionate about ICTs. My research topics are Computer Security and Artificial Intelligent. In addition, I have been working in different research projects integrated by academia, industry and goverment. Finally, my main aim life is to learn, to teach and to create projects for a better world.
Big Data Professional - Acitura Education
Big Data Scientist - Acitura Education


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  • Research and Development Leader - Universidad Icesi, Sept 2016 - Today

  • Teaching - Universidad Icesi, Jul 2015 - Today

  • Assistant Researcher - Universidad Icesi, Jan 2014 - Sept 2016

  • System Enginner Junior - Cafeto Software, Sept 2013 - Jan 2014

  • Software Developer Junior - Helppeople Software, Dec 1012 - Jun 2013

  • Academic Monitor, Researcher - Universidad Icesi, Jul 2012 - Jul 2012

  • Academic Monitor, Desing in videogames - Universidad Icesi, Jan 2011 - Jun 2011

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  • Londono, S., Urcuqui, C., Amaya, M. F., Gomez, J., & Cadavid, A. N. (2015). SafeCandy: System for security, analysis and validation in Android. Sistemas y Telematica, 13(35), 89-102.

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  • BarCamp Security 2017, Cali. (Presentation) link.

  • Spring School on Networks 2017. (Poster presentation) link.

  • Encuentro Regional De Ingenieros Industriales y Administradores - VII ERIIA. (Presentation) link.

  • Simposio de Maestria, 11 Congreso Colombiano de Computacion. (Presentation) link.

  • IEEE Colombian Conference on Communications and Computing (COLCOM). (Presentation).

  • Black Hat USA 2014. (Attendant).

  • XIV Jornada Internacional de Seguridad Informatica ACIS 2014. (Presentation).

  • Academic Mision Silicon Valley 2014. Google, Facebook, Twilio, Oracle, Zynga, Salesforce, Juniper

  • VII, IX Jornada de divulgacion de investigacion en Icesi 2014, 2016. (Presentation).

  • Icesi Interactiva 2014. (Presentation).

  • Icesi Interactiva 2011. (Presentation).


Data Science

This project consists in to find insights in big data of an energy company through the application of analytics techniques.


  • Townie

  • FList

  • Data Science

    Analytics & Big Data in smart grid


  • Programa Estratégico para Desarrollo de Capacidades Tecnológicas en comprobación Técnica del Espectro